Duxbury Clipper article February 28, 2024
Duxbury Clipper - February 28, 2024

Helen Bumpus Gallery, Paintings – In “Presence of Light,” artist Elizabeth Slayton’s paintings appear to move from realistic detail to open unbounded space and back again. Her paintings are always about light, Slayton said.  In addition to the large scale, non-traditional, realistic oils Slayton has been painting over the last several years, the Bumpus show includes paintings from a new, more abstract series with expansive and unrestrained new energy, color and depth. The exhibit opens March 1 and runs through the end of April 2024.

Duxbury Clipper article Jan 10, 2024
Duxbury Clipper - January 10, 2024

Helen Bumpus Gallery, Paintings – In the exhibit “Unfolding Time,” South Shore artist  Stephanie Roberts-Camello draws connections  between family mementos and her abstract, 3-D  encaustic paintings.  Roberts-Camello incorporates letters she found from the 1920s through the 1940s written by members of her family, who were cowboys and farmers in West Texas. Once Roberts-Camello incorporated those letters into her paintings,  she began to see them as metaphors for struggles, endurance, and change – a tangible reference to the passing of time. The exhibit runs through the end of February. The gallery is located at Duxbury Free Library.   

Greet Duxbury article Dec 2023

The Helen Bumpus Gallery features fine art by local artists.  

by Judith Montminy, Resident – During your next visit to the Duxbury Free Library on Alden Street, be sure to stop by the colorful space directly across from the circulation desk on the main floor. Here
you will find Helen Bumpus Gallery, where every two months you can enjoy a new exhibit of original work by accomplished Duxbury and other regional artists.

Article featured in Greet Duxbury Magazine - December 2023

Duxbury Clipper - November 1, 2023

Exhibits: Duxbury Free Library – Everyday life takes center stage in Helen Bumpus Gallery's current exhibit, "Stories Told: Oil Paintings by Gail Nathanson."  In addition to paintings of poignant scenes that she draws from ordinary lives, the award-winning South Shore artist shares her heart-warming portraits of adorable farm animals - from playful pigs to contented cows, shy sheep, and regal roosters.  


Photo and article from What Will You Remember? - 9/6/2023

Helen Bumpus Gallery, Duxbury – Simplicity features work by the “Minimalist Focus” group of the Duxbury Camera Club. Graphic and elemental images by Barbara Canney, Judith Laliberte, Judith Montminy, Camille Neville, Randy Otto, Glenn Pollock, Judy Pollock, Rain Rodolph and Myrna Walsh will be on view through October 31st, 2023. 

Great Egret
Photos and Article from MetroWest Daily News - 1/6/2022

DUXBURY – "Flights," an exhibition of oil paintings by Framingham resident Patricia Bossange, is on view at the Helen Bumpus Gallery in Duxbury through the end of February.

Whether painting a landscape or a portrait, Bossange is interested in capturing the impact of light and the passage of time on the people and objects in her life. For Bossange, “It is a perpetual challenge – what could be more difficult and elusive than capturing a trick of light or a moment in time?”

The Home Stretch
Photos and Article by Kathleen Trestka - The Daily Clipper - 2/1/2017

The history of art is filled with stories of altruistic people who have donated their time and energy to bringing the fine arts to their communities. The Helen Bumpus Gallery is a prime example of a collection of women and men who have made a similar commitment, giving of themselves to further the visual arts.

The paintings, photographs and drawings by six members of the Bumpus Gallery’s Board of Directors, who work year round to bring exhibitions by regional artists to Duxbury, are currently on exhibit at the gallery.