Tony Andrade
Real and Imagined

Artist's Statement:  Paintings by Tony Andrade  

I’ve been exploring more in my painting for the past few years. From a garden series, to colorful oil/wax abstracts, to recent landscapes, to letting go with drawings in abstract and imaginary forms. All fun and exciting for me.

I look for inspiration whenever and wherever life occurs. Often you don’t have to look any further than your own garden. It can inspire you in the most profound—or yes, in its simplest ways!

As a former designer/art director I like the message to be clear, concise and even confusing at times. Whatever it takes to draw the audience in. Whether they stay is the trick. I do explore more these days. Maybe because the days are passing me by more quickly? I believe change is good for the soul. When I start a new painting I want it to take me to new places, it’s what I find so appealing in making art. It can be daunting at times and we artists can struggle with it.

Creating something unique and relevant to who I am is my own goal. When I think I’m getting closer I feel that pull. I’m not sure why, I just try and make the most of the ride. I’ll leave you with your own questions and hope your answers are satisfying to each of you.

Artist's Bio

Tony Andrade has been making art since the early 1980’s. After art school he worked as a graphic designer for various small companies and studios. Then as an advertising art director when he left and started freelancing as a designer/art director. It grew into a small firm of his own doing projects in the health-care field to publication design for national publications for clients such as the U.S. Olympic Committee, U.S. Open Tennis and their affiliated publications.

Tony stopped working full-time approximately 10 years ago and has been concentrating on painting and photography since. He has won many awards throughout the south shore and greater Boston area. He teaches painting in watercolor and oils occasionally.

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