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Kimberlee Alemian

Light & Process


Artist’s Statement - STILL LIFE

In my studio are southwest facing windows. The light streams in at varying angles during the course of the year and I am mesmerized by the way it transforms whatever it hits to make it exceptional. The objects and space change each minute the level of light moves across the plane. I find myself intensely observing and absorbing the changes as if I were watching a movie. At times, all I can do is stand in intense study and watch the light work its magic—all of the sudden hours have passed.

In my process, I am struck by a particular subject—Light and the way it affects objects, Light as it hits a sur- face and moves across it, the color of Light. I study the motif through drawings and paintings to see where it leads. Working in series helps me explore subtle elements in the composition. I am constantly questioning what I am seeing and doing. The work develops through reworking, redrawing, turning the substrate I am working on and imposing images on top, scraping, sanding, adding and subtracting media. Through this process, they reveal a history of the workings, as in a palimpsest. I try not to hold anything precious.

Artist Bio

Kim Alemian was born in Spokane, WA. Her formative years were spent in Hong Kong, Thailand, West Germany and Scituate, MA. She currently lives with her husband in Cohasset, MA.

Alemian’s oil paintings are represented by The Cove Gallery—Wellfleet, MA, Edgewater Gallery—MIiddlebury, VT and Boston, MA and Gardner Colby Gallery—Naples, FL. Her work has been shown both nationally and in- ternationally including the Netherlands and Israel and is collected both privately and in corporate settings. She was featured in the publication “100 Boston Painters” by Chawky Frenn, Schiffer Publishing. Her work has been reviewed in printed publications and online.

She has a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and an MFA from the College of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts at Boston University with Post Graduate studies at New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.

Alemian works as an artist and also at South Shore Art Center as Graphic Designer/Webmaster/ Artistic Curator. She has curated numerous exhibitions nationally and produced catalogues documenting the occasions.