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Artists' Statement

Minimalism in photography is all about “less is more.” It is about stripping a subject down to its essentials and creating photographs that are a celebration of austere simplicity. 

As minimalist photographers, we strive to keep our compositions clean and simple. We also honor the boundaries and rules that are common to the minimalist genre. For example, motifs that you will often see displayed in our works include: geometric shapes, repeating patterns, and bold lines and textures. We also apply techniques such as: intentional blurring, and the use of B&W (or Monotones), to help eliminate unnecessary details.

Several years ago when we started our Minimalist Focus Group as part of Duxbury Camera Club

( ), many of us were new to the genre. Initially, we found it quite daunting to try and maintain the right balance of drama and interest in a simple “bare-bones” photograph. If we removed too little…our image would not be considered minimalist. However, if we removed too much…the intent and drama of the photo would ultimately get lost.

Over time, we studied various minimalist artists and increased our knowledge on the subject. This helped our work to evolve. Now, our minimalist photographs are not only simple compositions, but  also they are well thought out photographs that convey our own personal story, point of view, and unique style.

Our exhibition, Simplicity, is the culmination of all that we have aspired to as minimalist photographers. We hope that you will enjoy our exploration of these simple subjects and that you will share in our delight at finding their true essence.

Exhbiting Artists:

Barbara Canney, Cohasset

Judy Laliberte, Duxbury

Judith Montminy, Duxbury 

Camille Neville, Duxbury

Randy Otto, Hingham

Glenn Pollock, Marshfield

Judy Pollock, Marshfield

Rain Rodolph, Marshfield

Myrna Walsh, Duxbury