Maureen Vezina Exhibition - Oil Paintings  

Showing at the gallery November 1st through January 5th

Maureen Vezina

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in South Boston, Massachusetts and it was at the age of twelve that I discovered my affinity for art and the creation of it.   An industrious, hard working family culture encouraged more "practical" career directions; the love and pursuit of art become secondary (but was never forgotten).

After a successful engineering and business career I turned my full attention to art.  My past experience at Raytheon although not art related, involved Program Management of large complex engineering teams and projects.  I worked across specialties during proposals and special projects, engaging personnel in software/hardware engineering, finance, quality, and human resources. This experience is transferable and relevant on the business side of being a professional painter.

Today, my joy comes from painting daily and painting "en plein air" at least two or three days per week weather permitting.   Whether it is the Boston Public Garden, Boston Harbor Islands, Cape Cod, or travel to Aruba and Vieques, you'll see me interpreting both the iconic and unusual "from life" scenes. 

My work is characterized as contemporary realism. My paintings are recognizable for their thick textured layers and full spectrum values in oil.  My landscapes often include structural and natural elements with nostalgic, historical or classical themes.   The subject matter varies which satisfies my desire to keep exploring and experimenting and it is the variety of subjects and genres that motivates me.  Additionally, I write a biweekly blog in which I chronicle each of my paintings - the paint-out experience, a technique or perhaps the motivation for creating it.  It can be found at the following link:

Read Maureen's complete resume here