Christina Bumpus Wilson is one of the granddaughters of Helen McBurnie Bumpus, the founder of the Helen Bumpus Gallery. She has been interested in traveling throughout her life. Christina took her first trip to Nepal and India in 1982. Since then she has been traveling to exotic places all over the world. Her goal and passion is to visit all the interesting places she can find during her lifetime and document them by photograph. Of course this could also include her backyard in the Northwest.

It was during her work with Outward Bound putting women's trips together that Christina found this passion. She feels that the journey is more important than the destination, especially when traveling with small groups of like-minded people.

Christina feels a strong sense of commitment to giving back to the communities that she visits. Her way of accomplishing this is to include a service project with her trips. Christina has come to love photography over the years and says that, "she always looks to capture the essence of the moment."

Receiving a Masters in art education many years ago affords her the ability to volunteer at a small private school in the Northwest. Here she works with young children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. She also facilitates and participates in many art-related workshops and projects in her community and is never without her camera, just in case the urge to click captures her.