Alison Davidson's watercolors, which focus primarily although not exclusively on floral images, have been exhibited widely throughout the South Shore and Cape Cod and have received numerous awards, including the Best in Show at the Duxbury Art Association's Midsummer Exhibit in 2008.

Alison Davidson is shown here with her watercolor entitled "Poppies"
at the reception held in connection with her Bumpus Gallery exhibit.

Alison attended the New England School of Art and Design and continued her studies by participating in workshops with several well-known artists.  She undertook watercolor painting for the first time under the direction of Katerine Smit; it was this medium where, she says, she found her home.  "I think floral paintings especially lend themselves to the water medium where the artist utilizes hard and soft edges and creates an image of a three-dimensional form on a flat page by rendering the light and dark areas of the subject as it is hit by the sun. I work outside a great deal and feel that the en plein air experience helps me to see what is important in the subject and to capture it on paper immediately."