Elizabeth Slayton
Presence of Light



Artist's Statement

As I sit down to write another dreaded artist statement, I wonder, really, what have I been painting all these years? I have been pulled to draw since as far back
as I can remember, 5? 6? sitting down to draw the neighbor’s china cabinet, full of cups and glasses. What is this wish to put something on paper or canvas? And does it even matter? It just continues. And it evolves, changing all the time, moving in cycles. Moving from realistic detail to open unbounded space and back again. But always it is about light, how light touches onion skin, or how it catches the bend of a magnolia petal, or catches the tip of the foam of a wave, or radiates from some distant space that might actually be an inner space. Whatever words I try to find to describe my paintings, the paintings speak best for themselves.

Artist's Bio

I attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Penn State University and Massachusetts College of Art. Having been painting and exhibiting for more than
35 years, my work has been shown in solo and group shows throughout the US and is held in private and corporate collections.