Duxbury Camera Club
Fine Art Focus Group



Artist’s Statement

If beauty resides in the eyes of the beholder, then it follows that "fine art" photography is even more subjective. And that is the strength of this genre.

As members of the Fine Art Focus Group of Duxbury Camera Club, we view our fine art photography as a vehicle for creative expression -- its aesthetic and imaginative quality based on individual artistic vision, a message, or an emotion. We encourage each other to experiment with digital image manipulation as well as traditional photographic techniques to help foster, develop, and realize our unique perspectives. 

The Fine Art Focus Group invites Helen Bumpus Gallery visitors to experience the photographs in this exhibit while considering the personal, aesthetic, and imaginative vision of each photographer.

Exhibiting Artists

Joan Collins, Duxbury
Lynne Shackleton Ford, Quincy
Judith Montminy, Duxbury
Camille Neville, Duxbury
Rain Rodolph, Marshfield
Myrna Walsh, Duxbury