Duxbury Camera Club
Black & White Focus Group


Artist Statement

Black and White Photography

We believe that an image divested of the distraction of color can be more dramatic and truthful.

Originally, black and white was the language of photography . Its simplicity informs us with journalistic verité. It captures our imagination with line and shape presented with purity. It inspires us with landscapes and portraits that are essential and commanding.

At a time when technology gives us easy access to a world of hyper-color and super-saturation, we are returning to the classic black and white. Our goal is to create images that are both intellectually challenging and emotionally powerful without the distraction of color.

We invite you to see with our eyes.

The Black-and-White Focus Group, part of the Duxbury Camera Club, is comprised of award-winning photographers who have met monthly for nearly six years to share and review our work. This show includes a sampling of the thousands of images our group has critiqued and enjoyed together.

Sally Bousquet, Hingham
Frank Moccaldi, Duxbury
Judith Montminy, Duxbury
Terri Nickerson, Duxbury
Marjorie Nicholson, Duxbury
Glenn Pollock, Marshfield
Judy Pollock, Marshfield
Rain Rodolph, Marshfield,
Joan Sewall, Duxbury
Myrna Walsh, Duxbury
Pamela-Webster-Walsh, Duxbury