Susan j Schrader, Visual Artist

I am a Visual Artist and Book Illustrator living in Marblehead, Massachusetts USA.  I received a BFA(’93) at Queen’s University, in Canada and a MFA(’96) at Illinois State University, USA where I studied drawing, printmaking, painting and art history. I have shown my work throughout Canada and the USA and my work is in numerous private collections. I have worked as a printmaker’s assistant, and enjoyed various drawing, printmaking and painting teaching opportunities over the years. My passion remains in my studio where I am able to create my own drawings and paintings.

Over the past few years I have been working on gaining attention from the local community.   This effort has resulted in solo exhibitions, many group shows both locally and in the US.  I also have a strong social media presence and have made connections with people and companies from all over the world.  I am also a Book Illustrator and our first book was published Fall 2016. The book contains 16 of my ink and watercolor paintings.

Currently I am working on a new series of drawings and paintings on canvas and paper. My work contains whimsical pen and ink drawings that focus on these fanciful creatures in a city-like landscape that are rich in color, full of creative patterns and bizarre movements. My recent series is focused on abstracted human figures that float and dance about on the surface of the canvas.

Raising our two boys and dog as well as soaking up the culture and art during several extensive family trips has added fuel to my creative fire. These trips to India, South Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Florence and Namibia for example, have given me much inspiration! Throughout each adventure there was so much to take in and absorb. Each country had different colors, sounds, smells and energy.  These tactile memories are now bubbling up within me and finding their way onto the surface of the canvas.  Each of my figures have their own story to tell. The viewer is part of this storytelling because we bring our own stories and our own history to the painting.  What is your story? How would you draw it?

Now that our boys are older,  I have found a renewed energy and focus within myself.  This rejuvenated creative drive is reflected throughout my drawings and paintings. Thank you for taking the time to view my Art. It truly is a pleasure to share my work with you!