The photographic images I create speaks to observation, reflection, and supposition. I photograph subjects of personal interest and curiosity. As I compose my images in Photoshop, my work represents not what actually exists, as a documentary photograph might, but rather my impression, interpretation, and transformation of the reality I originally encountered. Artistic license and Photoshop tools are essential to the subtle reconstruction of reality. As in painting, the results are composites of multiple images working together with design and color to create a visually dynamic solution.

My early concentration in printmaking, along with my experience in drawing, painting, and traditional photography, has had a significant impact on my work. My roots as a printmaker are reflected in the layering and multiple-imagery in my current work and, as in printmaking, each image evolves through a series of stages. As I build my images, the process of working digitally is, for me, much like the manipulation of color and form in layers using virtual tools and pigment.

Dorothy Pilla Resume