Manomet and The Helen Bumpus Gallery Examine Global Conservation

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Please join us at the Duxbury Free Library for “New Approaches to Solving Conservation Problems on a Really Big Scale,” a presentation by Manomet Shorebird Recovery Project Director Charles Duncan.

Prior to the presentation, the Helen Bumpus Gallery is pleased to extend a special invitation to all attendees to view David Grossman’s photography exhibit “South Shore and Beyond.” The Helen Bumpus Gallery is housed within the Duxbury Library.

Here's the agenda:

South Shore and Beyond – Photography Exhibit

5:30 – 6:00pm at the Helen Bumpus Gallery - Light refreshments will be offered during the presentation.

David Grossman’s vibrant landscapes, action and water scenes reflect his own childhood experiences with sailing, water sports and outdoor adventures in California, Canada and Long Island Sound.  David resides in Duxbury, Massachusetts. 

New Approaches to Solving Conservation Problems on a Really Big Scale – Charles Duncan

6:00 – 7:00pm at the Duxbury Free Library

What happens when an issue stretches over borders and cultures, making it too big and complex to be addressed by any single organization? What happens when the issue spans half the Earth and no single government, nonprofit, corporation or treaty organization has the authority or enough resources to solve it?

As the director of Manomet’s Shorebird Recovery Project, Charles Duncan faces these challenges every day. Conserving populations of long-distance migrants like shorebird requires creative solutions, some of which may surprise you. Duncan will share success stories, the lessons he has learned and the new paths that have been forged in global conservation efforts.

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